Need Delts? Try This Exercise

There are those of us that can never grow our delts no matter what we do. So we have to think and train differently, which is where we bring in the classic, lateral raises. We aren't talking your everyday run of the mill lat raise but our variation on that which is a little different.

Not necessarily better, but different. There are plenty of ways to do the lateral raise, none of them are really wrong but we just want to get the most out of them and we believe doing them this way is the a great option.

How to do this variation,
1. Start with your lats flared.
2. Shoulders internally rotated and pull from the elbows up
3. Keep the elbows above the hands. If the hands go above the elbows the shoulders will be externally rotating, which shifts the focus off the medial head of the deltoid.

We want to use our lats to get us in a good starting position.

The first thing we need to focus on is the first 15-20 degrees of the shoulder is actually going to come from your supraspinatus. From there, the medial head of the deltoid will take over. That 90 degrees of abduction before the lower traps kick in, to pull that scapula up and get us past that 90 degrees.

The second point we need to focus on when isolating the medial head of the deltoid is also the position of rotation that our humerus is in. The medial head of the delt acts better as an abductor when our shoulder is internally rotated. So using the lats to initiate the movement is actually going to appease both of this criteria. It’s going to draw our shoulders out to a point past the active range of the supraspinatus of getting us into the deltoid.


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