What Is Submaximal Lifting?

You probably hear it a lot from us, and maybe you still don't really know what it is. Which is why we want to break it down for everyone. We NEED to explain what submaximal lifting to us. Knowledge is power(unless you are Goku, then power is power).

What is submaximal lifting? Essentially, submaximal lifting is working with intensities below your 1 rep maximum. That's it, thanks for coming. Seriously though, with submaximal lifting the majority of the training is between 50% and 75% of your Max with a lot of daily undulating which means within a week you'll train 8-12 reps. 3-8 reps and 1-3 reps. We are training all rep ranges to maintain our fitness in each of those categories.

Working with these lower percentages allows us to accumulate volume, focus on bar speed and technique. At these lower percentages we can refine our technique and find where we are weak and what we need to focus on to improve our form.

So what is Volume and why do we need to accumulate it?

Volume is “sets x reps x load”- it is the main driving factor for not only hypertrophy (muscle building) but for strength in the long term.

For bar speed we want to talk about Compensatory Acceleration. Compensatory acceleration, the short version, is put EVERYTHING into the bar. Push 225 like you are pushing 500. Hit it as hard as you can.

The longer version, “Where an athlete deliberately tries to accelerate the bar throughout the concentric phase of the movement (the shortening of a muscle as it acts against resistive force—i.e. the upwards phase of a back squat), instead of applying less force to a lift because the load is lighter.”

This helps fire more muscles, with speed and explosiveness.

Each rep range and load you put on your body will cause a different stimulus to that muscle and allow you to perhaps gain more muscle in that fashion. The muscles that fire in a 12 rep range are going to be different than the muscles that fire in a heavy or light set.

All of that is what makes up submaximal lifting to us.


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