Easy Way To Grow The Lats - Activation vs Pre Exhaust

So how do we activate our lats and why do we even want to? A lot of us have issues with compound movements and are not getting sore after these movements in regards to our lats. So for our Lats, we are firm believers that the pull up is the best movement to grow them. To get the most out of our pull-ups and use our Lats effectively, we want to use this tip to help us activate or feel our lats work. This will work outside of the pull-up as the main movement**

So here it is,

1. Take one of the red bands and do banded straight arm pull downs. Easy right? If you don't have one of the red bands do these on a cable machine with SUPER light weight. We don't want to use these to exhaust anything but to feel the way our lats are working.

2. Think about pulling your arms into your back pocket and squeezing at the bottom position for about a second.

3. When using a band, we will be doing these fast, but on the bar we will be doing these slow. We do this because the forces we use are going to be just a bit different between the two.

4. Do around 15-20 reps before each set or you can do 3 sets before you do any of the pull-ups.

A lot of people may say, "what about a pre-exhaust?" Others might say, "What is pre-exhaust?". Well here's what it is and why we don't want to pre-exhaust.

A pre-exhaust is when we want to grow a particular area, so we literally pre exhaust it. We make it tired and use up the muscles energy first, by doing an accessory movement and then immediately going to a compound movement.

The theory is that you'll get more activation since you were already hitting that muscle but what really happens is that the other muscles take over for that lift since we already exhausted those main muscles for that lift. So it really defeats the purpose that we are going for.

- The Crew